Teflon tape has primarily one use, which is in plumbing. This durable tape is meant to be durable and waterproof at the same time.

What Is It?

Polytetrafluoroethylene tape is the proper name of this material. It is typically white in color and is not a tape at all. The reason it is called a tape is because of the way it is rolled onto a spool.

This product is used in many plumbing applications to provide a seal between two pipes. This material when used with threaded pipes forms a seal between the two pipes. It is a thin material that sticks to itself and is vinyl like.

How It Works?

When attaching two threaded pipes the Teflon Tape  is wrapped around the male pile and it makes attaching the two pipes together easier. The plumber or repair person, will wrap it around the pipe by overlapping the tape and winding it around the entire threaded end of the pipe. When the female end is screwed on a tight seal is formed between the two pipes. This helps to prevent leaks.