Customers can benefit from us fine quality Sand Filter which is perfect for sifting the inbound water supply if there should be an occurrence of light business and local circumstances. Our offered Sand Filter has a Filter bed that is intended to trap undesirable particles and materials like sand, earth and other outside issue in the water. This Sand Filter offers clear water.

iPure domestic Sand Filter has several benefits. It removes suspended particles from water; it prevents clogging of shower head, water tap, plumbing line etc. It also preserves the life of the appliances such as washing machine, water heater etc. iPure domestic sand filter works on backwash technology, it has multi port designer wall and works at maximum operating pressure of 3.5 bar.

Softner & Sand Filter 3000 LPH

Softner & Sand Filter 4000 LPH

Softner & Sand Filter 5000 LPH

Softner & Sand Filter 6000 LPH


ModelFlow Rate (IN/Hr.) Dimentions (MM)  Treated Water Hardness Working Pressure (Kg/Bar) Salt Per Regeneration (Kg)
IP 10543M3/HR 2501350<50PPM1.5 410KG.
IP 1354 4M3/HR 3251350<50PPM1.5 416KG
IP 1465 5M3/HR 3501625<50PPM1.5 420KG
IP 1665 6M3/HR 4001625<50PPM1.5 425KG
IP1865 8M3/HR 4501625<50PPM1.5 425KG